Stephane Waite proposes a controversial trade involving Reinbacher and Hutson

Elias Edmonson
May 30, 2024  (9:39)

Habs defensemen David Reinbacher and Lane Hutson
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Negotiations sending Martin Necas to the Canadiens via trade are intensifying, and now Stéphane Waite has just added Logan Mailloux and David Reinbacher.

In fact, the former goaltending coach of the Montreal Canadiens added Logan Mailloux, David Reinbacher, and Lane Hutson to the discussion for a trade with the Carolina Hurricanes.
He wants Necas so much that he would go as far as trading Reinbacher, Mailloux, or Hutson, PLUS the 2024 first-round pick of the Winnipeg Jets (26th overall).

David Reinbacher or Lane Hutson or Logan Mailloux, plus the Jets' 2024 1st round pick, for Martin Necas?

Personally, we would absolutely not make this trade, especially not one involving Lane Hutson, and host Mario Langlois seems to agree with us.
«I wouldn't be afraid to give my second first-round pick plus a defensive prospect, choose whoever you want: Logan Mailloux, Lane Hutson, David Reinbacher. I would give one of the three plus my 26th pick in the first round. We have plenty of defensemen. We have twelve in the next two years who could play defense with the Canadiens. You will have to trade some!»

- Stéphane Waite, via Marco Normandin

Ouch. It's a proposal that immediately elicited a reaction from host Langlois, who absolutely does not agree with Waite on this one.
In any case, the name Martin Necas isn't going away anytime soon.
Renowned journalist Pierre LeBrun, who is always very cautious in his comments, did not hesitate to confirm that Necas could very well be traded this summer. So, this is serious.
LeBrun even confirmed that Kent Hughes (Montreal Canadiens) is among the teams that called the Hurricanes to start working on a trade involving Necas.
A major file to follow, but rest assured that Kent Hughes will not trade David Reinbacher + a 1st round pick to acquire Necas (and neither will he trade Lane Hutson).
It's absolutely impossible.
Even in a «1 for 1» trade, Hutson and Reinbacher will not be traded, at least not for a Martin Necas even if he is very good.
Necas, 25 years old, 6 feet 2 inches, is a forward drafted 12th overall in 2017 who amassed 53 points in 77 games this season, 71 points in 82 games last season, and 9 points in 11 games during the 2024 playoffs.
See the full excerpt right here:
Credit: HABSolumentFan - Stéphane Waite propose une offre monstre pour acquérir Martin Necas
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Stephane Waite proposes a controversial trade involving Reinbacher and Hutson

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