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Rasmus Sandin Fires Shots and Sets Record Straight on Leafs Contract Holdout

Published March 21, 2023 at 12:10

Contrary to popular belief, Rasmus Sandin's delayed contract signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs wasn't about money or playing time, as many had assumed.

In a candid interview with The Athletic's Joshua Kloke, Sandin set the record straight.

Rasmus Sandin Sets Record Straight on Leafs Contract Holdout

The real reason behind Rasmus Sandin's contract extension delay until training camp was a deeply personal one. He shared, "What people don't know is that my mom got sick in the beginning of 2022. She got cancer.

She had some serious surgeries. We had a really tough time as a family that summer." Consequently, Rasmus Sandin chose to stay at home to be with his mother during this difficult period.

While the public was unaware of the situation, both Sandin and the Leafs organization were on the same page about his priorities.

Rasmus Sandin emphasized the importance of family, stating, "For me, family comes first. My head wasn't in hockey to go back to Toronto to sign a contract (in June)."

Supporting his mother during her battle with cancer was the driving force behind his decision.

As reported by Maple Leafs Daily -
Sandin fires shot at Leafs, reveals contract holdout was never about money or opportunity
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Rasmus Sandin Fires Shots and Sets Record Straight on Leafs Contract Holdout

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