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New development on the trade between the CH and the Hawks for Dach

Published April 13, 2024 at 4:28 PM

Nearly two years after the major trade concluded between the Canadiens and the Blackhawks, involving Kirby Dach, there's new development.

The day after Lane Hutson signed with the Tricolore, Chicago has just announced the signing of Frank Nazar.

Nazar, who is also a college player whose season has just ended, will be quite an interesting name to watch for Canadiens fans.

Like Hutson, he will finish the season in the NHL.

Why will he be fascinating to watch? Because he is the player the Blackhawks selected with the pick acquired from the Habs in return for Kirby Dach.

Recall of the complete trade (for the Montreal/Chicago part):

TO MONTREAL - Kirby Dach

TO CHICAGO - 1st round pick became Frank Nazar and a 3rd round pick.

So, they practically traded Dach one-for-one to acquire Nazar. (yes, the youngster is under pressure because Kirby Dach is becoming quite a player for the Canadiens)

Nazar, 20 years old, 13th overall pick in 2022, amassed 41 points in 41 games this season, in the NCAA, at the University of Michigan.

"The Blackhawks announce that they have signed 2022 first-round pick Frank Nazar, from Michigan.

His entry-level contract begins immediately." - Frank Seravalli

A name to watch!

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New development on the trade between the CH and the Hawks for Dach

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