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Last-Minute Development for David Savard on the Trade Market

Published March 3, 2024 at 9:05 PM

Since Sean Monahan left the CH, eyes have turned to Jake Allen and Tanner Pearson, who are most likely to leave the organization by March 8th. However, another name often comes up in speculations and rumors, and that is David Savard.

According to many, the veteran could fetch a high price on the trade market. As we recently reported, the excellent Marco D'Amico from the site MTLHockeyNow has indeed looked into the price to pay to acquire David Savard. And it is tantalizing:

"The Canadiens will probably want a 1st round pick and more, for David Savard." - Marco D'Amico

If the price is interesting, the question is rather whether Kent Hughes really wants to trade his veteran defenseman. We recall that the GM had mentioned, during his mid-season press conference, not wanting to part with Savard.

As for Savard's own wishes, Elliotte Friedman reported in a recent 32Thoughts that the Quebec defenseman would have no desire to leave the organization and the city. As we know that Kent Hughes listens to his players, this could therefore weigh heavily in the balance.

Upon his arrival with the club, the GM had done everything to accommodate Jeff Petry. He had also, last year, reassured Joel Edmundson who was at the heart of the rumors at the trade deadline. He had told him that he would not be traded at that time but that he should expect to leave the club during the summer.

Knowing this, it would not be surprising if a discussion had taken place between Savard and Hughes.

We must also say that Savard's role is significant within the organization, which appreciates him enormously. In addition to being very good on the ice and in the locker room, Savard also fills a very big gap among the youngsters after Sean Monahan's departure.

Is it really urgent to trade him?

Only time will tell!

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Last-Minute Development for David Savard on the Trade Market

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