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Kent Hughes' Top Trade Target Scratched: Is He On His Way to Montreal?

Published March 1, 2024 at 11:48

This is really interesting.

We often see this happening near the NHL trade deadline, players being sidelined to avoid injury, but it's rare for this to involve a young player!

That's exactly what happened last night in Los Angeles!

While there's a lot of speculation about a potential trade involving Kaliyev, who is out of the lineup tonight (yesterday); A well-informed source tells me he's in perfect health. [...]» - Kevin Weekes

Arthur Kaliyev is sidelined as Jim Hiller opts for an 11/7 lineup.

One really wonders how much longer we'll see Kaliyev in a Kings uniform.» - Russell Morgan, NHL journalist

It really looks like Kaliyev will be traded by the deadline and that his team is no longer playing him to avoid injury. (and ruining a trade)

Arthur Kaliyev, a target for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens?

He fits the mold of the young, offensively excellent player who could really benefit from a fresh start.

He could be another Alex Newhook, but much cheaper to acquire.

Moreover, he has been linked to the Montreal Canadiens numerous times, as can be seen here.

And moreover, the Kings want a goaltender.

Kaliyev, 22 years old, is a 33rd overall pick in 2019 and a player who definitely had the talent of a top-15 pick.

He is purely offensive, having scored 95 goals in his last two seasons in Hamilton, which is extremely solid.

This season, he has 14 points in 44 games, after collecting 28 points in 56 games last season. (70 career points)

Jake Allen and a 3rd round pick for Kaliyev, would you do it? (knowing the Kings want a goaltender)

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March 1   |   595 answers
Kent Hughes' Top Trade Target Scratched: Is He On His Way to Montreal?

Would you trade Jake Allen and a 3rd round pick for Kaliyev?

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No9516 %
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