We finally know the trade offer that Kent Hughes has made to Winnipeg to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois and it's big

Elias Adaime
May 24, 2023  (8:52 PM)

It's no longer a secret to anyone that Pierre-Luc Dubois has always wanted to wear the Canadiens' uniform.

The Winnipeg Jets' forward will be a restricted free agent this summer and it's highly likely that he will only sign a one-year deal before being able to enjoy complete autonomy after the end of next season.
But as we know, there are currently many trade rumors between the Canadiens and the Jets, and one of them suggested that Kevin Cheveldayoff would have demanded nothing less than Nick Suzuki in a potential trade.
In fact, as reported by Marco Normandin, from Habsolumentfan.com, this trade offer would have occurred during the first round of the last draft in Montreal last summer, but obviously, this proposal was rejected by Kent Hughes.
However, according to a Winnipeg reporter, it seems that a new proposal could very well be on the table.
According to Murat Ates, who covers the Jets for The Athletic , the price for the Canadiens to acquire the services of Pierre-Luc Dubois would be Kirby Dach along with a promising young prospect or a draft pick.

Kent Hughes's offer

On his end, Kent Hughes reportedly made an offer involving Christian Dvorak, Josh Anderson, and a first-round pick.
But with the season that Dach had with the Canadiens in 2022-2023, it would be extremely surprising if Kent Hughes agreed to sacrifice him, especially since he acquired him less than a year ago.
However, according to Ates, he still believes that Dubois will be traded to Montreal within a few weeks, before the draft at the end of June, despite the fact that the Jets seem to be very demanding in their requests.
There's also the fact that the Quebec forward has declared his desire to play for the Canadiens in the near future, which could potentially harm Kevin Cheveldayoff's efforts to maximize his value.
But even if the Canadiens were unable to get Dubois via a trade this summer, there will always be the free agent market next summer and, at that time, Kent Hughes will not need to sacrifice his team's assets to make Pierre-Luc Dubois a member of the Habs.
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We finally know the trade offer that Kent Hughes has made to Winnipeg to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois and it's big

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