Trade for Pierre-Luc Dubois: a twist on Kent Hughes' true intentions and a rumor confirmed

Published July 17, 2023 at 7:27 PM

Since being traded to the Los Angeles Kings, Pierre-Luc Dubois hasn't hidden his happiness about being in California.

After stints in Columbus and Winnipeg, the forward finds himself in a big market for the first time in his career, and he wasted no time signing a long-term contract with the Kings.

However, the numerous rumors linking him to the Canadiens over the past year had given fans hope, and now that he's on the West Coast, many of them are disappointed not to have seen him come to Montreal.

But just when it was strongly believed that Dubois was destined to join the Canadiens sooner rather than later, Marc-Olivier Cook from Danslescoulisses.com reported an interesting element about Kent Hughes' true intentions for a potential trade.

During an appearance on 98.5 FM, the Quebec-born forward reiterated that the Canadiens were among the teams on his list but mentioned that other teams were also pursuing him. He then stated that he chose the Kings because, in his view, they wanted him the most, and he also affirmed that he did not receive a formal offer from Kent Hughes and the Canadiens.

"No, we never really received anything from the Canadiens... We talked with Montreal, but in the end, it was Los Angeles who was calling and pushing harder."

We can conclude that ultimately, Rob Blake was willing to pay the hefty price to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois, which Kent Hughes was probably not prepared to do.

As we know, the Jets were demanding the inclusion of a young impact player, most likely Kirby Dach, as a starting point, and in the end, the best offer came from the Kings.

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Trade for Pierre-Luc Dubois: a twist on Kent Hughes' true intentions and a rumor confirmed

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