Proposed major live draft trade between the Canadiens and the Sharks involving both of Kent Hughes' first-round picks

Published May 25, 2023 at 1:02 PM

Yesterday, on the airwaves of BPM Sports, Max Truman discussed a possibility that is increasingly being discussed in the NHL.

What if we were witnessing a huge turnaround? What if Adam Fantilli slipped to the 3rd or even 4th overall rank in a month?

For weeks, he has been the 2nd overall pick in a completely unanimous and automatic way, but his performances on the international stage are beginning to make some people doubt. (which is not the case for us, by the way)

Could we relive a scenario like Shane Wright's?

After all, it's very possible that the Anaheim Ducks could have a big crush on Leo Carlsson, and they decide to select him second overall, ahead of the young Fantilli.

Carlsson is an exceptional player too, and he would be a first overall pick in many drafts.

Then, we know about the love of the Columbus Blue Jackets for Will Smith. So, it's not impossible that this happens:

1- Connor Bedard

2- Leo Carlsson

3- Will Smith.

A live trade idea for Fantilli

If this scenario materializes, would you make the following trade?

To the Sharks
- Habs' 1st round pick (5th overall)
- Panthers' 1st round pick (31 or 32 overall)

To the Canadiens
- Sharks' 1st round pick (4th overall)

The goal of this trade would be to get hold of Adam Fantilli.

For the fun of the exercise and for the fun of chatting, would you do it?

Personally, for a talent like Fantilli, we would do it. We would prioritize quality over quantity, especially if Kent Hughes doesn't want to draft Matvei Michkov at the 5th overall (and we know the Sharks love Michkov, which could lead them to accept the trade).

"Everyone puts him second in June at the Nashville draft, I think he won't come out second. I think that Carlsson and/or Smith will come out before him, and if I had money to put down, I would put Fantilli 3rd or 4th, and not 2nd.

I don't think he's going to slip to the fifth rank among the Montreal Canadiens, it would be too good a story." - Max Truman

Fantilli has collected an incredible 65 points (30 goals) in 36 games this season in the Big-10 (NCAA). Unseen for nearly 10 years.

May 25   |   442 answers
Proposed major live draft trade between the Canadiens and the Sharks involving both of Kent Hughes' first-round picks

Would you trade the Canadiens' two first round picks to acquire Fantilli?

Yes23352.7 %
No17238.9 %
The sharks say no378.4 %
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