Plot twist: an imminent trade for Jake Evans? Here's what Kent Hughes would receive in return

Published July 24, 2023 at 7:50 PM

It's no secret that the upcoming training camp for the Montreal Canadiens is expected to be extremely interesting and competitive, particularly due to the surplus of forwards.

Some surprise players may not make the roster of the CH, especially after the acquisition of Alex Newhook and the re-signing of Sean Monahan, two center players.

There's also a prospect like Owen Beck who could surprise and secure a regular spot. We're talking about another center player here.

This situation puts Jake Evans in a tough spot.

"It's rather harsh, especially given how hard he worked to make it to the NHL, but I don't see Jake Evans as part of the long-term plans of the team, especially once they're ready to compete.

His underlying numbers are very, very weak, and his production is inconsistent at best." - Marc Dumont, Montreal Hockey Now

With limited offensive usage and declining statistics, he could be traded to make room for new talents like Beck, especially if he doesn't impress at the upcoming camp.

This adds to the list of stories to watch in the coming months, but Jake Evans could indeed be traded, likely for a prospect or a draft pick.

The logic would suggest he could fetch a 3rd-round pick, or possibly a 2nd-round pick if Kent Hughes can sweeten the deal.

After all, he's already a young established NHL player of NHL caliber.

Evans, 27, is a reliable right-handed center who recorded 19 points in 54 games last season. He is earning only $1.7 million per season until 2025.

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Plot twist: an imminent trade for Jake Evans? Here's what Kent Hughes would receive in return

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