New surprise regarding Kirby Dach of the Montreal Canadiens

Published July 6, 2023 at 7:40 PM

If we go back to the draft a year ago, Kent Hughes surprised the hockey world by acquiring Kirby Dach from the Chicago Blackhawks.

Nearly a year later, it can be said that it was a steal from the Canadiens' GM, as not only did Dach have his best season in the NHL, but he also showcased a facet of his game that was somewhat unexpected: his defensive play.

Insider Marc Dumont from Montreal Hockey Now published an article highlighting certain statistics that demonstrate Dach's defensive effectiveness.

For example, when he formed a line with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, the trio generated 52% of the shots and contributed to 50.5% of the Canadiens' goals.

However, when Dach was not on the ice, the first line's shot percentage dropped to 41.7%, and they only contributed to a mediocre 30.5% of the team's goals.

Now, this may sound a bit complex, but according to Dumont, these numbers suggest that Kirby Dach could potentially become one of the best defensive centers in the NHL, possibly even in the top 10.

Yes, you read that right. He could potentially be one of the top 10 defensive centers in the NHL. That's huge!

Of course, it's a bit premature to make such a statement, but it's clear that when the Winnipeg Jets demanded Dach as part of a potential trade with the Canadiens, we now understand why Kent Hughes refused to include him.

We still believe in his immense potential within the Canadiens' organization, and he will undoubtedly be a key piece of the team when they become competitive.

Discovering this about his defensive play is a fantastic surprise.

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New surprise regarding Kirby Dach of the Montreal Canadiens

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