Major statement concerning Cole Caufield and a trade for Clayton Keller

Published May 24, 2023 at 9:29

In the last few minutes on the air of TVA Sports, on Jean-Charles Lajoie's show, he and Tony Marinaro had an interesting discussion about Cole Caufield and Clayton Keller.

They pondered whether the Montreal Canadiens should seriously make an effort to try and acquire Keller, asking this:

"Is the CH ready to part with Cole Caufield to go get Keller?"

The answer is (I seriously hope) no!

However, they continued:

"If negotiations are not progressing with Caufield and Pat Brisson demands a three-year contract, it means he might leave at the end of his contract and go make over 10 million elsewhere. If we know it's just three years for Caufield, efforts must be made to go get Keller."

- Tony Marinaro

There's a world where CH could have both Keller and Caufield, but he seemed slightly cautious and concerned.

One thing is certain, on Keller's side, it seems more and more obvious that he's leaving the Coyotes. Even his agent talked about it publicly on a podcast in the last few hours.

Keller, 24, was the 7th overall pick in 2016. He racked up a very solid 86 points (37 goals) in 82 games this season with the poor Coyotes. He has huge potential and he is still very young.

Keller is signed until 2028 and he earns 7.15 million dollars per year.

See JiC and Tony's exchange:


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Major statement concerning Cole Caufield and a trade for Clayton Keller

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