Major development regarding the trade involving Timo Meier: Montreal Canadiens fans continue to hope

Published February 26, 2023 at 9:02 PM

A new twist in the likely trade between the Sharks and the Devils involving Timo Meier has emerged.

Earlier in the evening, the highly respected Pierre Lebrun tweeted the following:

We were awaiting the details of the trade, but in the past few minutes, a major development has occurred.

On Sportsnet, insider Elliotte Friedman just mentioned:

"It's not an official trade."

See his explanations here:

Friedman said there is a minor obstacle due to an injured player, or at least a player who is feeling discomfort.

"So here's what I think is going on with the SJ/NJ trade: one of the players involved (not a major piece) is injured... teams are trying to work it all out."

Moreover, rumors that a third team is involved in the trade are becoming increasingly serious.

This gives hope to Montreal Canadiens fans who hope that Kent Hughes will be involved.

More details to come.

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