Major development on the buyout of Brendan Gallagher's contract and a moment has just been targeted

Published June 11, 2023 at 12:59

Now that Cole Caufield's contract file is settled, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton can focus on the draft which will take place at the end of June in Nashville.

But after the draft, there will be several hot topics surrounding the CH this summer, such as the possible acquisition of Pierre-Luc Dubois, but let's not forget about the possible contract buyouts.

In his latest column published in Le Journal de Montreal, veteran journalist Yvon Pedneault addressed the subject and identified three Canadiens players who would be very good candidates for their contracts to be bought out during the offseason.

We are unsurprisingly talking about forwards Mike Hoffman, Joel Armia, and Brendan Gallagher.

If no one will mourn the departure of the first two, it's a completely different story with number 11 because he has been a member of the Canadiens since the 2012-2013 season and brings a lot of leadership to the organization.

However, we must admit that the fiery veteran has significantly slowed down due to numerous injuries and his low production over the past two years is certainly not up to the standard of his heavy contract which will bring him $6.5 million per season until 2026-2027.

However, if Gallagher is a good candidate for a potential contract buyout, we should not expect this to happen this summer according to Pedneault.

They will study this possibility in 2024, for now, it would be much too high a financial commitment, and the Canadiens have no chance of winning the Stanley Cup next year.

Here is some very important information! Pedneault reveals here that the CH will seriously study the possibility of buying out Gallagher's contract in 2024, so next year.

Unless Gallagher becomes the right winger who scored goals regularly alongside Phillip Danault and Tomas Tatar a few years ago, he could play his last season in Montreal.


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Major development on the buyout of Brendan Gallagher's contract and a moment has just been targeted

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