Major: Sean Monahan's value on the trade market is huge and we have the details

Published November 12, 2023 at 5:57 PM
Kent Hughes decided to give Sean Monahan a new contract before the opening of the free agent market last summer, and many Canadiens fans were happy with this decision.

And now, number 91 is possibly the best forward on the team since the beginning of the season and, as reported byMarco Normandin of the website Habsolumentfan.con, The CH forward could have a huge value at the trade deadline.

At least that's the opinion of Martin Lemay, who, during the On Jase show on RDS, stated that Monahan could bring in a lot in the event that Kent Hughes wants to trade him at the deadline.

Here are his explanations on this subject:

At 2 million, a center who will be number two on all teams certainly, who can win you face-offs like that, it's going to be worth a lot at the trade deadline! Personally, I believe you need good veterans to build your team. I find that Sean Monahan fits with the Montreal Canadiens, but damn, the temptation will be strong at the deadline if the Canadiens are no longer in the playoff picture.


These are very interesting comments from Lemay, who sees Monahan as excellent trade bait. However, if he continues to perform well, the Canadiens organization may wonder if it is not better to keep the services of number 91 because he represents a solid veteran within the lineup and if we remember well, it's when he was injured in December 2022 that things started to go wrong for Martin St-Louis's men.

That said, the temptation to keep him is very strong, but so is the one to get a high value in a potential transaction involving him.

Of course, for such a scenario to occur, Sean Monahan must remain healthy and the Canadiens must be out of the playoff race when the trade deadline comes.
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Major: Sean Monahan's value on the trade market is huge and we have the details

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