Major: Logan Cooley confirms a big rumor and fans are demanding his acquisition

Published May 20, 2023 at 10:03 PM

When we first told you about it at the start of the week, we really didn't believe it would turn into such a big story, but wow.

Things are starting to get very interesting and major.

Recap of the facts.

1- Clayton Keller's father posts that some players might decide not to sign with the Coyotes, following the failure of the project in Tempe.

2- We make the connection with the young Logan Cooley, who has control of his destiny by being in the NCAA and who is still not under contract with the Coyotes.

3- Our suspicions are confirmed, Cooley announces that he will not sign in Arizona this year, a first for a top-3 pick.

4- Read what follows.

According to what Craig Morgan, a pro-Coyotes journalist, reported in the last few hours, the Tempe vote really had an impact on Cooley's decision. Wow.

In short, if the people of Tempe had voted in favor of the Coyotes' complex, Cooley would have started in the NHL next season.

"Logan Cooley said the outcome of the Tempe vote definitely had an impact on his decision. He was leaning towards turning professional (and signing with the Coyotes) if the vote had been in favor of the Coyotes."

This is big. It proves that Cooley is concerned about what's happening with the Coyotes, and he doesn't want to sign with them until things get sorted out.

Will he eventually become as free as the wind, as Kevin Hayes did as a first round pick? Will the Coyotes be forced to trade him, like the Flames with Adam Fox?

This will be a big story to watch.

More details to follow.

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Major: Logan Cooley confirms a big rumor and fans are demanding his acquisition

Would you trade the Panthers' 1st pick, the Flames' 1st pick, Riley Kidney, and a Canadiens' 2nd round pick, for Logan Cooley?

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