Major: Kent Hughes is reportedly working on a trade involving forwards

Published July 11, 2023 at 1:41 PM

During his most recent press conference, the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, made a very interesting statement.

"Kent Hughes at a press conference: 'It's certainly a possibility that we trade some forwards before the start of the season, considering the surplus." - Via Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

It's not necessarily a surprise, especially following the acquisitions of Alex Newhook and even Lias Andersson, and following the signing of Sean Monahan, but it will be very interesting to watch.

Kent Hughes could trade "some" forwards

Clearly, Kent Hughes is open to trading forwards, and not just one.

So it should not be a surprise if a trade in this regard is announced in the coming weeks.

In your opinion, who will be the first to go? Mike Hoffman? Christian Dvorak? Josh Anderson? Or someone else?

Suzuki, Gallagher, Anderson, Hoffman, Dvorak, Armia, Dach, Newhook, Evans, Pitlick, Harvey-Pinard, Pezzetta, Caufield, Monahan, Slafkovsky and possibly Owen Beck and Sean Farrell... They all can't play in Montreal.

That's a lot of forwards, and we're not even mentioning the likes of Joshua Roy and others.

So it's almost certain that at least one forward will be traded, and possibly more than one.

According to sources, Kent Hughes is already actively working to finalize trades in this regard, and his phone doesn't stop ringing.

To be continued! It's not over yet!

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Major: Kent Hughes is reportedly working on a trade involving forwards

In your opinion, who should be the first to go?

Hoffman69563.5 %
Dvorak26824.5 %
Anderson if the return is good807.3 %
Other524.7 %
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