MAJOR: A trade is currently being negotiated between the Canadiens and the Canucks, and we have the details

Published October 27, 2023 at 1:06 PM

Definitely, insider David Pagnotta has some very good sources with the Montreal Canadiens these days. He just revealed another extremely interesting insider information.

The Canadiens are said to be involved in the trade talks involving Conor Garland!

As we know, Garland is openly on the trade market in Vancouver and he might change teams soon, but the transaction is taking a while due to his contract.

Among his potential destinations, there are the Nashville Predators and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Washington Capitals' name also surfaced yesterday in this matter.

So what would be the role of the Canadiens and Kent Hughes in all this?

You guessed it. Montreal would act as a third team, to retain some salary in a three-team trade.

"According to what journalist David Pagnotta from The Fourth Period reports, Canadiens' GM Kent Hughes recently discussed with Patrik Allvin, GM of the Canucks, a way to be the intermediary team in this transaction."

Marco Normandin

Kent Hughes remains active on the trade market, and he's open to opportunities. We love it.

It's surprising in this case because Garland is still signed for three (3) more long seasons.

It's thus surprising to learn that Kent Hughes and the Habs are open to retaining that salary for all that time, but then again, everything has a price.

If the Canadiens get a 1st round pick, or two 2nd round picks for example, it could really be worth it to hold onto that salary for three seasons. (and to reduce the team's cap space even after the rebuild period)

Would a simple 2nd round pick be enough? In an era where cap space has huge value, it would be surprising, but let's wait and see.

Personally, for a 2nd round pick, we wouldn't do it. (3 years is a long time)

Stay tuned!

After the Pearson/DeSmith trade, will a new trade involving Montreal and Vancouver be announced soon?


Credit : HABSolumentFan
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MAJOR: A trade is currently being negotiated between the Canadiens and the Canucks, and we have the details

Would you take 50% of Garland's salary for three seasons in exchange for a 2nd round pick?

Yes5312.1 %
No, not enough, it would take a 1st round pick25157.3 %
No, it will hurt in the long run13430.6 %
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