Kent Hughes just had the opportunity to acquire three promising young players for free, including a surprise

Elias Edmonson
June 2, 2023  (8:30 PM)

As we mentioned earlier today, yesterday was officially the deadline for NHL teams to sign and retain the rights of their prospects whose rights were set to expire in 2023.

The Montreal Canadiens notably lost the rights to prospects Frederik Dichow (goalie) and Jack Gorniak, who are now free as a bird.
They are not the only ones, however.
In total, nearly 50 players are now free as a bird and can sign with the team of their choice.
Among these almost 50 young players, three are particularly interesting and are attracting a lot of attention, as also reported by Marco Normandin.
Kent Hughes could acquire one of the three without giving anything in return.
Here they are. The first name has indeed surprisingly also been released:
- Patrick Puistola
He was with the Edmonton Oilers, after being acquired in exchange for the former 4th overall pick (1st round) Jesse Puljujarvi, imagine that!
We're talking about a one-for-one trade concluded just a few months ago.
Puistola was chosen 73rd in the third round in 2019. At 22 years old, he has amassed a solid 40 points in 60 games in Finland's top league.
- Nikola Pasic
He was with the New Jersey Devils and he is also 22 years old. He has amassed a very solid 52 points in 51 games in the Swedish Elite League, finishing fourth in the league's points ranking.
- Matias Mantykivi
The third was a forward for the Boston Bruins. At 21 years old, he played in the Finnish Elite League this season and recorded 12 goals and 21 assists, totaling 33 points in 60 games. (12 points in 12 playoff games)
He was possibly the second best forward in the entire Liiga.
So these are three names that are completely available right now. Do you think Kent Hughes should sign one? We're talking very low risk here, especially for promising players.
It wouldn't be the first time a player performing in the Liiga at 21-22 years old comes to dominate the NHL.
Credit : HABSolumentFan, Marco Normandin
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Kent Hughes just had the opportunity to acquire three promising young players for free, including a surprise

Which one would you sign?

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