Is a Shea Weber-style trade on the way for Hughes and the Canadiens? Two names involved

Published February 22, 2023 at 9:03

In the last few days, we've heard that the trade deadline could be a quiet one for the CH. With the injuries to Sean Monahan and Joel Edmundson, the poor performance of veterans at the beginning of the season and a market that does not favor sellers, Kent Hughes may have to settle for less.

Most disappointing, however, is the unavailability of Monahan. Monahan had a great start to the campaign with 17 points in 25 games and many were already looking to Kent Hughes for his services at the deadline. Unfortunately, as has often been the case in the forward's career, injuries have ruined everything.

Monahan's situation is sad but it may open other doors for the GM as Marco D'Amico pointed out in a recent paper.

Indeed, the Habs currently have just over $4.5M available through the LTIR of which Monahan is a part. By staying on this list, the forward allows Hughes to now become an option for formations in need of space.

"If Monahan's health does not improve and he is forced to remain on LTIR for the rest of the season, the Canadiens could change their strategy to become a third party at the NHL trade deadline.

That means the Canadiens could go for short-term contracts for assets or act as a third team in a salary maintenance trade.

Not only would the Canadiens have $4.5 million in cap space with Monahan out for the season, but they would have the ability to increase that amount, should the need arise." - Marco d'Amico

A Monahan trade, however, is not to be ignored. Kent Hughes has two options, depending on the veteran's health at the time of the trade.


If it is agreed that Monahan remains on the LTIR until the end of the campaign, a team near the salary cap could be tempted to acquire him to amplify their cap room. Monahan's salary, at $6.375M, could give quite a play to a team aspiring to make a big splash in the next two weeks.

While it's clear that the CH won't get a 2023 first round pick in this situation, they could at least get something and not lose their player for nothing next summer.

Also, the CH could trade Paul Byron's contract ($3.4M) and get a little something. Arpon Basu suggested this option recently.


This seems to be the direction the Habs are heading in:

In short, a trade like the CH had concluded with Vegas and involving Shea Weber.

Not on the LTIR

Things could change if Monahan leaves the LTIR by March 3. While a GM might be tempted about acquiring him given his health, Kent Hughes could make an offer that matches the player's performance.

Indeed, the league allows conditional picks in transactions. Why not use this option and go that route? Kent Hughes could ask, for example, for a 3rd round pick if Monahan plays X number of games, 2nd if he plays another number and so on. It might as well be conditions of the number of rounds completed (if Monahan plays).

In this way, the acquiring GM is protecting himself if Monahan is not at the top of his health while getting a player who has the potential to take his team to another level.

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Is a Shea Weber-style trade on the way for Hughes and the Canadiens? Two names involved

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