David Savard makes a bold statement about an upcoming trade and makes a comment that speaks volumes about his love for the club

Published October 1, 2023 at 6:49 PM

Despite the youth of the Canadiens' defense, the team can rely on two solid veterans in Michael Matheson and David Savard. They will act as leaders and mentors to the young defenders in the organization, and their contribution will be significant throughout this new season starting next October 11th.

That said, as reported by GoNordiques.com, the Quebec defenseman recently appeared on the JiC show and discussed various topics with host Jean-Charles Lajoie.

Among the points discussed was the eventual overcrowding on defense due to the quality of the blue line prospects in the organization, and he stated that he expects Kent Hughes to make moves via the trade market to make room.

'There are a lot of young players in the organization. I think it's a good idea to build with a strong defense. When you look at winning teams, they always have a strong defense. Certainly, at some point, there will be a logjam. Expect some players to be traded. They are well-positioned to make moves if needed.'

Obviously, number 58 mentioned no names, but fans are already starting to have an idea of the players who might be traded in the short or medium term.

Moreover, Savard did not hide the fact that he could be the one sacrificed by the Canadiens' management in the near future, even though he is very happy with his role within the organization and hopes to stay in Montreal.

'My role has changed. I try to set a good example. I want to give everything I can to the young players. I'm talking about the knowledge I've acquired over the years. I loved my role last year. I'm not foolish. I know the youngsters are coming up and they will push for more minutes. It's up to them to take the spot. My goal is to stay here as long as possible.'

However, the veteran defender is aware that the Canadiens are still in rebuilding mode this year but sees the future with great optimism.

'We are building something solid. Everyone has gained experience. We had many young players on the team. We need to win even more games and go in the right direction. Our goal is to compete every match. You never know where it can lead us. Our expectations are rising, as a group.'

In conclusion, David Savard will have an important role to play this year with the young defenders of the organization, and it is clear that his presence in the locker room will succeed in inspiring his teammates.

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David Savard makes a bold statement about an upcoming trade and makes a comment that speaks volumes about his love for the club

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