Breaking news from Edmonton: a trade between the Canadiens and the Oilers involving forward Jake Evans?

Published July 30, 2023 at 10:03 PM

We don't like to see this unfold because we adore Jake Evans as both a player and an individual, but it seems inevitable.

Jake Evans could indeed be on his way out of the Montreal Canadiens.

Recall what Marc Dumont recently mentioned:

"It's a bit tough, especially when you consider how hard he worked to make it to the NHL, but I don't see Jake Evans being part of the team's long-term plans, especially once the Canadiens are ready to compete with the NHL's top teams.

His statistics are very, very low, and his production lacks consistency." - Montreal Hockey Now

And he is not the only one who thinks so.

Evans could be traded to make way for new talents like Owen Beck.

An Interested Team?

In the past few hours, there have been developments in this matter. Journalist Kurt Leavins has stated that the Edmonton Oilers are likely to turn to the Montreal Canadiens soon to seriously explore the possibility of trading for Jake Evans.

Kurt Leavins is a journalist from the Edmonton Journal, not Montreal.

The Oilers need a solid third or fourth center, and Evans would be an excellent target for them. They appear to be ready to trade a draft pick or prospect to add him to their roster.

It seems absolutely logical.

"We consider Montreal Canadiens forward Jake Evans a potential candidate for the Edmonton Oilers," according to Kurt Leavins.

Leavins asserts that the Oilers will seek improvements during the season rather than in the free-agent market. Evans, along with Nic Dowd of the Capitals, has both been listed as potential options for the team. - The mug NHL

The Canadiens have a significant logjam on offense, while the Oilers are lacking depth in attack.

Evans, 27, is a very reliable right-handed center who recorded 19 points in 54 games last season. He is earning only $1.7 million per season until 2025.

The Oilers precisely need cost-effective and efficient players like him.

Would you make this trade? What specifically would you ask for in return?

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Breaking news from Edmonton: a trade between the Canadiens and the Oilers involving forward Jake Evans?

In your opinion, what is the value of Jake Evans?

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