Big trade coming for the Leafs? The organization would have made a big decision

Published May 27, 2023 at 11:39

After another performance that leaves a very bitter taste in the playoffs, many experts and fans expect changes in Toronto.

At this time, the only one not returning next year will be GM Kyle Dubas, who will ultimately not be renewed by the organization.

While many believed in significant changes to the lineup, particularly among the underperforming core of the past five years, consisting of forwards Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, John Tavares, and William Nylander, who account for nearly half of the team's salary cap, a surprising turn of events has just occurred.

The organization has made a decision as the president of the Toronto team, Brendan Shanahan, has reportedly made a major decision and ruled out any trades involving the four leaders unless an enormous surprise arises.

It is possible that Dubas' non-renewal is related to Shanahan's decision to maintain the status quo, as the former GM had expressed interest in making a significant move during the offseason, similar to what the Panthers did last year with Matthew Tkachuk. A decision that is currently paying off handsomely.

It must be said that the next GM will face a tremendous challenge of making this team successful without making any changes to the core to improve the roster.

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May 27   |   172 answers
Big trade coming for the Leafs? The organization would have made a big decision

If you were the GM of the Leafs, which player would you trade to address a major need?

Auston Matthews8046.5 %
Mitch Marner1810.5 %
William Nylander3118 %
John Tavares4325 %
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