A trade offer involving the 11th overall pick has just been proposed between the Canadiens and the Canucks

Published June 4, 2023 at 9:35

With the NHL draft fast approaching, all NHL general managers will undoubtedly be very busy in the coming weeks, and this of course applies to a certain Kent Hughes.

The Canadiens' GM and his colleagues have two first-round picks, the fifth and the 31st or 32nd overall. But that's not what I want to talk to you about here.

In fact, several teams will be looking to free up cap space for the upcoming season and as reported by Nicolas Desrosiers from Let's Go Habs.com, a trade proposal between the Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks has been put forward among the many rumors scattered all over the NHL.

Here it is:

To Montreal:
Tyler Myers
1st round 2023 (11th overall pick)

To Vancouver:
Joel Edmundson (50% of his salary retained)
1st round 2023 (Panthers' pick)

At first glance, this proposal may seem surprising but let's try to break it down.

As we know, Joel Edmundson's name circulated a lot last year around the trade deadline but due to his health status, Kent Hughes was not able to get good value and that's why he is still a member of the Canadiens at this time.

As for Tyler Myers, he will play his final contract year in 2023-2024 with a salary of 6 million dollars and we hear a lot through the grapevine that the Canucks organization is looking to free up some cap space.

And with the Canadiens retaining 50% of Edmundson's salary, the Canucks would save about 4.5 million dollars, which could make this trade interesting. Not to mention that the Canadiens would get the 11th overall pick.

That said, the idea is good on paper but the possible arrival of Myers with the Canadiens is unlikely, first because of his high salary, but also because he would potentially take the place of a young right-handed defenseman for the next season, possibly young Logan Mailloux.

But with Kent Hughes, we are never safe from a surprise as we have seen since his arrival at the helm of the Canadiens.
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A trade offer involving the 11th overall pick has just been proposed between the Canadiens and the Canucks

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