A big rumor has just been confirmed about Joel Edmundson

Published April 22, 2023 at 7:19 PM

Several fans and observers were very surprised to learn, during the NHL's most recent trade deadline, that veteran defenseman Joel Edmundson was not traded.

Were the rumors false or exaggerated? Was there any interest in the NHL?

We now have the answer, thanks to Stu Cowan.

"Joel Edmundson would most likely have been traded at the last trade deadline by the Montreal Canadiens if it weren't for the injuries."

We suspected it, but now it's confirmed 100%. The rumor that Edmundson was not traded due to injuries was apparently true.

It should be noted that according to several reputable sources, Edmundson would have fetched a 2023 first round pick (and Sean Monahan too).

It's disappointing to see that injuries may have cost the Habs two big first round picks in one of the best drafts in recent years.

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April 22   |   125 answers
A big rumor has just been confirmed about Joel Edmundson

What would you do with Edmundson?

Try to trade him this summer for a pick7156.8 %
Keep him until the end of his contract2520 %
Trade him at the next trade deadline2923.2 %
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