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Sad announcement involving the great Alex Ovechkin and it's over

Published April 29, 2024 at 11:18

Washington Capitals legend Alex Ovechkin was heartbroken last night after losing to the New York Rangers.

His Capitals lost 4-2 and were thus eliminated from the 2024 NHL playoffs.

The series ended 4-0 for the Rangers.

It's over for Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals

It was sad to see Ovechkin after the game, as he was visibly extremely disappointed with himself, and extremely disappointed with how things turned out.

We even witnessed an extremely rare scene.

Last night, for the most important game of the last two years for Washington, the great Ovechkin was benched more often than usual. Ouch.

«Alex Ovechkin only played 8 min 38 s in two periods. His 6:38 of even-strength ice time is the lowest on the team, 59 seconds more than Matt Rempe so far.» - Stephen Whyno

It's incredible.. Basically, Ovechkin was used as a fourth-line player, which is really sad.

It's obviously over for this year, but is it over for good for Ovechkin?

«Did we just watch Alex Ovechkin's last playoff game?» - Arpon Basu

We really hope that's not the case.

For the first time in his 19-season career, Alexander Ovechkin failed to score in a playoff series. His 6 shots on goal mark the fewest he's ever had in a playoff series.

Since their StanleyCup victory in 2018, the Capitals have:

2019: 1st round exit
2020: 1st round exit
2021: 1st round exit
2022: 1st round exit
2023: missed playoffs
2024: 1st round exit

Alex Ovechkin comments with emotion

He faced the music, in front of journalists at a press conference.

«I didn't play well, so it sucks that we got swept.»

«I'm proud of this group. We've gone through a lot of injuries, the trade deadline, but we stuck together and showed character. The experience the guys have gained will help.» - Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin, 38, scored 65 points and 31 goals in 79 games this season. In the playoffs, he scored 0 points in 4 games.

He is signed for $9.5 million a year until 2026.

Remember, Ovechkin has accumulated 853 career goals in the NHL regular season, while the all-time record is 894.
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Sad announcement involving the great Alex Ovechkin and it's over

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