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Mitch Marner refusing to forecheck a Boston Bruins defenseman
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Leafs Mitch Marner blasted for his effort in the 2024 playoffs

Published April 23, 2024 at 7:28 PM

This year the Toronto Maple Leafs are matched up against the Boston Bruins in the first round. Despite playing well and having the series tied one player is being ripped. Mitch Marner is facing a ton of backlash for his lack of success and effort.

Despite winning their last game thanks to an Auston Matthews goal things are not good enough. Particularly for one forward that the fanbase has had a complicated relationship with.

the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans always expect more. In the spirit of that, the fan base has imploded already and set their sights on the controversial Mitch Marner. The media in Toronto recently took to X to voice their displeasure over the success of Mitch Marner.

The ole bailout but make it look like you're competing. Classic. I used to do this myself from time to time. Not trying to hate on the fella Mitchie Sheets $$ but you ain't gonna win anything playing with a parachute on your back at this time of year that's just faxx.


James Mirtle also joined in and pointed out that Mitch Marner's line has been consistently the worst of the bunch.

Leafs lines by xG after 40 minutes.

Not going to work.

Fans have also noticed the lack of success from Mitch Marner during the playoff campaign so far.

This is about as weak of a play as you can see by a star player in a playoffs game. Absolutely wild effort by Marner #LeafsForever #NHLBruins

Marner can't play playoff hockey

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Leafs Mitch Marner blasted for his effort in the 2024 playoffs

Will Mitch Marner be traded this offseason by the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Yes37859.6 %
No25640.4 %
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