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Brad Marchand opens up about Bennett's sucker punch for the 1st time

Published May 16, 2024 at 1:16 PM

The Boston Bruins forward, Brad Marchand, outright admitted that he tries to injure his opponents in the playoffs.

See his shocking statement.

»Brad Marchand on if he had a problem w/Sam Bennett hit: "I think he got away with a shot, but I'm not going to complain. Shit happens. It's definitely part of playoff hockey. People don't want to say it, but part of playoffs is trying to hurt every player on the other team...»

- Via Boston journalist Joe Haggerty

Wow... This is definitely not the end of the chatter!

Marchand went even further, explicitly stating that the goal is to injure all the players on the opposing team, nothing less.

"When players on the other team are injured, it certainly benefits your team." - Brad Marchand

In any case, he's losing a lot of arguments for his next meeting with the NHL's disciplinary committee.

Marchand, 36, has accumulated 10 points in 10 games during the current playoffs, along with 16 penalty minutes.

In his career, he has 929 points and 1051 penalty minutes in 1029 games.
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Brad Marchand opens up about Bennett's sucker punch for the 1st time

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