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Transactions: the UTAH team makes a major first announcement

Published April 26, 2024 at 6:27 PM

It has now been done for a while, the Coyotes will move to Salt Lake City starting next season.

The team's new owner, Ryan Smith, recently came out in front of the media and gave a huge vote of confidence to the team's current head coach, André Tourigny.

The new owner quickly wanted to quell rumors that major changes in the club's management structure could occur. To this end, Smith confirmed the return of GM Bill Armstrong and head coach André Tourigny.

This is very good news for the Quebecer coach who will have the chance to continue his great work in developing that he has been doing for three seasons already with the team's young players. The one nicknamed 'Bear' will have to impress his new big boss because, as we all know, new owners like to put people they know well under them.

Transactions: not so fast, confirms Ryan Smith, but things could shake up quickly next year if the team doesn't perform!

Smith also mentioned that all the players will be back with the club in their new city. However, they will have to prove that they deserve to stay!

«Ryan Smith confirms that General Manager Bill Armstrong and head coach André Tourigny will remain with the Utah franchise.

His message to the players: "We are going to keep everyone the first year; it's up to you to keep your position. » - NHL News

The lineup will therefore be very similar after all. The one who will make the trades, Bill Armstrong, will also remain in position.

The team's next season will thus be very important not only for Tourigny, but also for Armstrong, whose job will be on the line starting now. But with the players also under pressure to perform, we could see a strong performance from the entire team in 2024-2025.

Via Go Nordiques - Renvoi d'André Tourigny sur la table: annonce du proprio de l'Utah
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Transactions: the UTAH team makes a major first announcement

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