Journalist makes shocking statement on the end of Bettman as NHL commissioner

July 11, 2024  (1:07)

Photo of Gary Bettman
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The commissioner of the National Hockey League, Gary Bettman, has had his time according to many.

Through a very deep statement published in the last few hours by Xavier Turcotte, we truly understand why Bettman has had his time.
This is also the opinion of several sources in the NHL.

Gary Bettman has had his time and he must go

In his text, Turcotte first mentions that Bettman has been excellent for the NHL.
«Gary Bettman is a misunderstood genius.

No, no, I am not a fanatic of Gary Bettman. [...] Bettman is a cold man, charismatic as a rock, and he possesses a relatively low, if not non-existent, emotional level.

And the NHL needed such a man and I did say needed!

The NHL has never been in such good shape.» - Via DLC

He explains that Bettman has done wonderful things for the NHL, for team owners, for players, and even for fans, but he also believes that enough is enough.
«But Bettman must go

However, all good things must come to an end. Bettman has put the NHL back on the map and the league is healthy. Its foundations are solid. But is he the best man for the next step: rejuvenating the fan base? The answer is no.» - Via DLC

We couldn't agree more.
His conservatism, extreme distance from the youth and the next generations, old mentalities, and lack of vision could really hurt the NHL eventually.
Let's remember we are talking about a commissioner who mentioned wanting to keep player salaries confidential (following the departure of CapFriendly), while we have truly moved past this stage in all professional sports leagues.
It makes you think.
If Bettman truly cares about the success of the NHL, he should make way for someone much more open minded and visionary.
The example of F1 is an excellent one, by the way!
A former conservative leader who made way for marketing pros, geniuses who have incredibly revived the F1, which was practically on life support. (especially among the youth)
Something to ponder.
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Journalist makes shocking statement on the end of Bettman as NHL commissioner

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