The two assets the Blue Jackets want from Montreal for Laine finally revealed

Elias Adaime
July 10, 2024  (8:16 PM)

Photo of Patrik Laine
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We have news regarding the price the Montreal Canadiens would have to pay for a trade involving forward Patrik Laine.

As reported by my colleagues at Marqueur, NHL.com journalist Dan Rosen has revealed the cost that would be involved in a transaction to acquire Patrik Laine.

Price to pay for Patrik Laine: just like Evgeny Kuznetsov?

It's true that these are two very similar situations.
According to journalist Rosen, a trade involving Laine could closely resemble the one involving Kuznetsov a few months ago.
Let's recall that Kuznetsov was traded from the Washington Capitals to the Carolina Hurricanes for a third-round pick.
Basically, there are two options.
1- Laine at full salary would be worth a 3rd round pick ($8.7 million)
2- Laine at 50% of his salary could be worth a 1st round pick, or a 2nd round pick and a young player
Here are his explanations:
«It's hard to envision a scenario where a team would take on Laine's full salary. Columbus will have to retain salary for this deal to work. But given his age, the Blue Jackets could potentially get a second-round pick, if not a first-round pick, by trading him.»

- Dan Rosen

This gives us an excellent idea of the price to pay.
Knowing this, two elements have been mentioned here. We're talking about Justin Barron and a second-round draft pick.
Would you do it?
Would you trade Justin Barron and a second-round pick in 2025 or 2026 for forward Patrik Laine at 50% of his salary?
Would you trade a third-round pick for forward Patrik Laine at 100% of his $8.7 million salary?
This is a story to follow. Let's remember that he has requested a trade, so it should happen in the coming weeks, and Kent Hughes is one of the only GMs in the NHL who can afford Patrik Laine right now (and he is looking for offensive talent).
Credit: Marqueur
Canadiens: Le prix à payer pour acquérir Patrik Laine est maintenant connu
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The two assets the Blue Jackets want from Montreal for Laine finally revealed

Which of these transactions would you make for Laine?

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