Rangers forward Matt Rempe elbowing Jonas Siegenthaler in the head leading to his ejection.
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BREAKING: Rangers Enforcer Matt Rempe Ejected For Dirty Hit Yet Again

Published March 11, 2024 at 9:10 PM

Tonight New York Rangers enforcer has gone viral once again. This time he was ejected for another dirty hit leading to controversy.

Rempe Ejected For Dirty Hit Yet Again

New York Ranger and hockey fans all across the world were looking forward to another Matt Rempe fight tonight. Sadly instead we ended up with another dirty hit and ejection on a reckless play from Rempe.

5 minutes for elbowing and a game misconduct for Matt Rempe.

Fans were robbed of a fight that had been potentially building all night between Rempe and Kurtis MacDermid which will now have to wait.

There will be no Rempe vs MacDermid tonight.

Rempe gets 5 and a game after this hit

Before getting ejected Rempe was showing his potential in ways other than the physical side of the game. He won a faceoff that led to a sequence ending in a goal for his Rangers squad.

However, this positive play will now be overshadowed by a violent and unneeded play from Rempe. If he continues to show he cannot control his hits and play more structured his time in the NHL might be short.

Rempe will likely have a hearing with the NHL regarding a potential fine or suspension. As those meetings are scheduled and eventually occur we will update you on the latest news.

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BREAKING: Rangers Enforcer Matt Rempe Ejected For Dirty Hit Yet Again

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