Two bad news for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens ahead of the trade deadline

Published February 27, 2023 at 1:28 PM
In the last few minutes, Sportsnet tipster Elliotte Friedman gave a big update on two big Montreal Canadiens trades ahead of the trade deadline.

This is not what we expected.

About Sean Monahan:

"I think we'll have some clarification on this matter this week. It doesn't seem like he'll be able to play anytime soon, even though his season isn't necessarily over."

Therefore, we can forget about the idea of seeing Monahan return to play before the trade deadline, and it will take a miracle to get anything concrete in exchange for him. He is not close to returning to play.

It's really a shame because if he were healthy, Monahan could have brought in at least a 2023 first-round pick.

Regarding Joel Edmundson:

"I just heard (from reliable sources) that activity regarding Edmundson is down on the trade market, simply because his body has been through so much and because he hasn't really played much in the past two or three years.

I think they would be surprised if something happened with this (issue) by the deadline." - Elliotte Friedman

This doesn't mean that the Canadiens won't make a trade before Friday, but it does mean that it would be really surprising to see Joel Edmundson and/or Sean Monahan traded this week.

It's really a shame because they could have each brought in a valuable first-round pick if they were healthy. (but with these injuries, the Canadiens may have lost two first-round picks)

More details will follow.

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Two bad news for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens ahead of the trade deadline

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