The worst News is Confirmed About Matt Murray's Injury

Published April 11, 2023 at 6:43 PM
Matt Murray played only 26 games this season. Ha had multiple injuries that prevented him from playing.

His last one happened on April 2nd after a collision with Lucas Raymond. He was considered "day-to-day", but Kyle Dubas just gave an update on the goalie's health.

Murray Suffers From a Concussion

Matt Murray has a concussion and is not on the trip. Dubas says he is progressing.

It was finally confirmed.

The Maple Leafs also revealed that Joseph Woll will officialy start the game, with Matt Onuska as the second goalie.

As reported by Mark Masters:

Per Kyle Dubas:

- Joseph Woll starts
- Matt Onuska backs up
- Ilya Samsonov dealing with bumps and bruises
- Matt Murray has a concussion

Woll boasts an impressive record of 4-1 and a save percentage of .932 in his five games with the Maple Leafs. Additionally, his AHL stats are also impressive, with a 16-4-1 record and a save percentage of 0.927 in 21 starts with the Marlies.

Woll will face a daunting task tonight as he goes up against the Lightning's mighty offense.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Kyle Dubas confirms the worst news possible for Murray
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The worst News is Confirmed About Matt Murray's Injury

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