Season over for four other Canadiens players, including two by choice?

Published April 10, 2023 at 9:41
Staying true to his usual routine, TVA Sports insider Renaud Lavoie appeared on BPM Sports this morning for his segment with Jean-Charles Lajoie, revealing interesting information about the Montreal Canadiens' lineup for the remainder of the season.

First, as we reported yesterday, let's recall that four players were sent to the Laval Rocket: Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, Jesse Ylonen, Cayden Primeau, and Corey Schueneman.

They'll be able to help the Rocket qualify for the AHL playoffs.

In short, Renaud Lavoie mentioned two important points this morning:

1- The Canadiens will most likely have to recall Primeau and Schueneman to have a complete lineup for this week's scheduled games.

This probably means that the seasons for Jake Allen and Jordan Harris are over.

2- He mentioned that Harvey-Pinard and Ylonen are with the Laval Rocket to stay and to play in the three American Hockey League games this week (to help the Habs' farm team qualify for the playoffs).

This likely means that Rafael Harvey-Pinard and Jesse Ylonen have played their last NHL game of the season with the Montreal Canadiens.

A wave of injuries could change this, but it seems that the current plan is to leave them in Laval for the entire week.

So, to sum up, Allen, Harris, Harvey-Pinard, and Ylonen have all likely played their last NHL game this season, and for the other two, it wouldn't be due to injury but rather a decision by the organization (to help the Laval Rocket).

More details to follow.


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Season over for four other Canadiens players, including two by choice?

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