Sean Monahan is about to sign a very special contract with Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens

Published March 7, 2023 at 6:53 PM
Last Friday, on the trade deadline day, Kent Hughes ultimately failed to trade his veteran center Sean Monahan, whose extended recovery prevented the GM from potentially receiving another first-round pick for the upcoming draft. However, as we previously mentioned in a recent article, Hughes had the opportunity to be creative in a transaction involving Monahan, depending on the player's health status on March 3.

If Monahan remains with the CH, we have more details regarding his injury. During his press conference, Hughes mentioned that the forward was injured during his rehab, but there is a small chance that he may return to play this season.

As for a possible return next season with a contract extension with the CH, Kent Hughes admitted that it was still too early to plan. However, he recognizes that having a healthy Sean Monahan in his lineup is a big plus for his team.

According to Marco D'Amico of Montreal Hockey Now, Hughes may have the opportunity to sign the forward with a particular settlement for which Monahan is fully eligible. Despite his injury history, Monahan can qualify for a third type of bonus.

Knowing this, Hughes could construct a contract with the following bonuses:

Annex A bonuses: basic conditions such as playing more than 60 games, scoring 20 goals, etc.

Annex B bonuses: League awards (Art Ross, Selke, etc.) and team-determined parameters (maximum of $2.5 million).

D'Amico gives an example of a base contract of $2 million, with an additional $2 million available in performance bonuses.

This would be an excellent way to retain the services of the forward while giving him a new chance in the NHL. If all goes well next season, Hughes would have another chance to trade his player at the trade deadline and potentially obtain another good pick in return.

Overall, it's an interesting option for Hughes to consider.

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Sean Monahan is about to sign a very special contract with Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens

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