Extremely alarming scene and neck fracture: the NHL makes an announcement

Published April 30, 2023 at 11:29
Yesterday, we were talking to you about this frightening scene involving the forward Andrew Cogliano of the Colorado Avalanche, who fractured his neck following a dangerous contact from Jordan Eberle of the Seattle Kraken.

Not a pretty sight.

Cogliano is out indefinitely and the rest of his career is in question.

Many of you have asked us the question, so here's the answer.

The NHL announced that there will be no further sanctions imposed on Eberle (other than his 2-minute penalty).

He is not suspended and does not have to meet with the NHL Department of Player Safety (led by George Parros).

"We don't comment on plays on which we don't assess supplemental discipline.

That has been standard policy since the inception of the Dept. Of Player Safety in 2011. We make videos to provide detailed explanations of suspensions. Injury only comes into play AFTER a hit has been deemed suspension-worthy on its own."

You can guess that this really doesn't sit well with everyone :

The message is very clear and directed squarely at the NHL, coming from a Colorado-based host and journalist.

"Cogliano has a neck fracture. Please tell me again NHL Player Safety how this is NOT A SUSPENSION!!!!"

There was actually not even a hearing for Eberle.

A very controversial decision by the NHL.

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Extremely alarming scene and neck fracture: the NHL makes an announcement

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