Christian Dvorak slips up during press conference and he confirms a big rumour

Published November 7, 2023 at 7:30

Over the past few days, forward Christian Dvorak has finally made a return to play, after weeks of practicing with the team.

It should be noted that, because he was placed on the long-term injured reserve, he technically did not have the right to play before this past November 4th.

Indeed, on this subject, before the match against the Blues, Dvorak slightly slipped up in a press conference.

He almost confirmed the rumour that he could have returned to play well before November 4th.

One wonders if placing him on the LTIR was necessary and justifiable, but at the same time, it really helped Kent Hughes financially. (It allowed starting the season with Carey Price on the regular lineup)

Price was then placed on the season's LTIR, not the off-season LTIR, which gives Kent Hughes much more flexibility with the salary cap.

It makes a big difference.

Dvorak Says Too Much

The CH forward slips up, but then tried to recover.

In short, what's done is done, especially since teams like the Vegas Golden Knights and the Tampa Bay Lightning (with Nikita Kucherov) have played on the edges much more than the CH did with Dvorak.

Dvorak practically admitted that he could have played much earlier, but let's say it's never negative to take more time than necessary to come back at 110%.

Let's hope Gary Bettman doesn't see this statement. (joke)


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Christian Dvorak slips up during press conference and he confirms a big rumour

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