Alert: surprise last-minute announcement from Kent Hughes

Published March 9, 2023 at 1:01 PM
It's becoming ridiculous and we absolutely didn't see it coming, but Kent Hughes just made a surprise announcement.

Last minute change in the lineup

Anthony Richard is back in Montreal and he's been recalled from the Laval Rocket! Why? You guessed it... there's YET another new injury.

"Christian Dvorak (lower body) will not play tonight. Forward Anthony Richard has been recalled from the Laval Rocket." - Montreal Canadiens

"The number of injuries and injured players this season for the CH is indecent, sincerely. I'm not an expert in the field, but will they have to clean house in the medical staff after doing so in the recruiting staff!?" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Well said! Nick Suzuki is the only player to have played every game for the CH this season, it's completely crazy.

Understand us well. We love Anthony Richard and we're really happy to see him back with the Montreal Canadiens (he deserves it so much), but it's just incredible.

Just this morning, we had two new "surprise injuries".

Remember that Jordan Harris is also suddenly injured. He won't play tonight:

Richard, 26, has 2 points in 7 games this season with the Habs. (and a very solid 55 points in 49 games with the Laval Rocket) It's a recall that hurts the Tricolore's farm team.
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Alert: surprise last-minute announcement from Kent Hughes

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