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The 5 players that could be targeted by the Canadiens at the 2024 draft have been revealed

Published February 12, 2024 at 1:05
As our colleagues at Marqueur report, Martin Lapointe of the Montreal Canadiens has just made some very interesting comments regarding the player targeted by the organization in the 2024 draft.

From his statements, even though some have wanted to start the rumor, we should expect the Habs not to trade its first pick.

Five elite players targeted by the Montreal Canadiens and Kent Hughes

Lapointe thus revealed the following:

- The CH sees five elite players who are currently available for the 2024 draft. One of these names is obviously that of Macklin Celebrini.

- The CH believes that the fact that there will be several very good defensemen could cause very good forwards to slip. (Is Montreal therefore targeting a forward?)

- The CH considers that after the first round, there is a significant drop in talent.

Therefore, we can conclude that 1) the CH has five names well above the others currently on the list. 2) It seems that Montreal is targeting a forward with its first pick. 3) We can expect Kent Hughes to trade 2nd or 3rd round picks.

As for the famous five names, who are they?

Our prediction: Celebrini, Ivan Demidov, Cole Eiserman, Cayden Lindstrom, and possibly Artyom Levshunov.

One thing is for sure, Martin Lapointe seems very confident that the Canadiens will acquire a very good young player at the draft in a few months, with the Habs' 1st round pick (which will be top-5 or top-7, hopefully).

"Juicy remarks from Martin Lapointe commenting on the NHL 2024 Draft.

- They think there are only 5 elite players in this draft

- The number of good defensemen might cause some forwards to slip

- After the first round, the quality drops." - JJ Gab


Source: Marqueur.com
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The 5 players that could be targeted by the Canadiens at the 2024 draft have been revealed

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