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Canadiens expected to pass on Cole Eiserman in upcoming draft

Published April 18, 2024 at 6:03 PM

Now that the 2023-2024 schedule is complete, all eyes are on the NHL draft, especially for the Montreal Canadiens.

The leaders are preparing for a busy summer, a summer that will be extremely important if Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton want to help Martin St-Louis reach the playoffs in a year.

It starts with the selection session.

On this topic, we have our first scoop, a scoop from Tony Marinaro.

According to all indications, Kent Hughes will pass on Cole Eiserman with his first-round pick

Personally, I love Cole Eiserman and would really like him to be the first-round pick for the Canadiens, but I will apparently have to lower my expectations.

"According to Tony, the Canadiens will not draft Cole Eiserman with their top-10 pick." - Via BPM Sports

Hear his explanation:

"From the information I have, today, [if] Eiserman is available when the Canadiens draft, they will not select him."

- Tony Marinaro

Wow, so it would already be settled. It's really a shame, but let's wait and see.

Eiserman, 6 feet tall, a 17-year-old left winger, scored a ridiculous 74 goals in 73 games this season. Not 74 points, but 74 goals in 73 games (with the American U18 development program)!

Eiserman amassed 110 points this season.

Do you think he would be a good pick for the Canadiens?
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Canadiens expected to pass on Cole Eiserman in upcoming draft

Who would be your first-round pick for the Montreal Canadiens at the moment?

Eiserman30821.2 %
Cayden Lindstrom61842.6 %
Berkly Catton604.1 %
Tij Iginla46632.1 %
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