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Photo of Sacha Boisvert and GM Kent Hughes
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A young forward wants to sign with Kent Hughes and the Habs

Published May 15, 2024 at 10:30

A little over a month before the 2024 NHL Draft, which will take place in Las Vegas, Kent Hughes and his team are in search of the next Lane Hutson and Jacob Fowler.

These are probably the two best picks (outside the top 10) for the Canadiens in recent years.

Obviously, to successfully rebuild, you need to make big hits with your high first-round picks, but it is also crucial to find hidden gems at the end of the first round, in the second round, and so on.

Just ask the Dallas Stars and Wyatt Johnston, who became an incredible steal with the 23rd overall pick in 2021.

Moreover, the Canadiens are likely to have the 23rd overall pick in 2024 (thanks to the Winnipeg Jets and the Sean Monahan trade), so it will be important for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton to choose wisely.

Among the possible candidates for the Tricolore at the end of the first round, there is obviously Sacha Boisvert, who is linked to the Canadiens by many experts.

In any case, he would love to be drafted and sign his NHL entry contract with Montreal.

Sacha Boisvert would like to be drafted by the Canadiens; a rookie contract that would be special for him

Appearing on RDS, on L'Antichambre, see what the young player had to say on the subject:

«Of course I wouldn't say no. Playing in Montreal is a different life than being drafted by another team farther away. It would definitely be fun, the French, the fans, it's really special in Quebec. What introduced me to hockey was watching the Canadiens.»

- Sacha Boisvert

A name to watch on June 28th. He is the best Quebec player available in 2024.

Boisvert, 18, is a 6-foot-2, 178-pound center from Trois-Rivières.

He has amassed 68 points, including 36 goals, in 61 games this season with the Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL). A file to watch for the Montreal Canadiens.

Credit : HABSolumentFan - Sacha Boisvert aimerait être repêché par le Canadien
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A young forward wants to sign with Kent Hughes and the Habs

What would you do with the Winnipeg Jets' first-round pick?

Draft Sacha Boisvert6815.7 %
Draft Cole Hutson12829.6 %
Draft another player4811.1 %
Trade the pick18843.5 %
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