Major Last-Minute Announcement Regarding Matvei Michkov and It Changes Everything

Published June 19, 2023 at 10:26

For another ten days or so, the Matvei Michkov phenomenon continues to be the number one intrigue among Montreal Canadiens fans.

Will he be Kent Hughes's final pick if he remains available as the fifth pick overall?

That's the question.

The bookies seem to think so, but many journalists believe otherwise. In short, it's really hard to predict what Hughes thinks with all the contradictory information currently circulating.

An important announcement from Bob McKenzie

In the last few minutes, probably the best sports journalist of our generation (and the most connected) mentioned this:

New information is surfacing. Michkov has officially scheduled some official interviews with NHL teams. These interviews will take place before the 2023 Draft. - Bob McKenzie

So it's confirmed! This is a big question we had, but Michkov will officially meet with teams before the NHL's 2023 Draft.

This is major, because these meetings will certainly change everything about the decisions some clubs will have to make.

According to some sources, the Montreal Canadiens are among the teams that will get the chance to interview Michkov, and the outcome of this interview could change everything for what follows. (and for Kent Hughes's final decision)

These interviews will take place in a few days and it's really something to watch.

Another possible scenario: the San Jose Sharks fell in love with Michkov in the interview and they decide to draft him 4th overall, which would obviously have a major impact on Kent Hughes's choice.

One thing is for sure, it's great news to learn today that Michkov will be available for interviews.


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Major Last-Minute Announcement Regarding Matvei Michkov and It Changes Everything

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