Adam Fantilli has made a particular decision for tonight, and it says a lot about him

Published May 8, 2023 at 1:01 PM

Obviously, tonight is the Connor Bedard lottery, and he will be the center of attention, but we must not forget that there will also be the Adam Fantilli lottery, for the second overall pick.

If Bedard is a generational talent, Fantilli, unanimously the second-best prospect available in the upcoming draft, is not far from being one as well.

He would be a very solid first overall pick in many drafts, and he has phenomenal statistics for his age.

Fantilli, 18 years old, has scored an absurd 65 points (30 goals) in 36 games this season in the NCAA against much older players.

These are better numbers (at the same age or even younger) than some of the best players in the recent history of the NCAA, like Jack Eichel, Kyle Connor, Johnny Gaudreau, and company.

In short, Fantilli is extremely solid. He has enormous franchise player potential, and he is not talked about enough. If the Montreal Canadiens win the 2nd overall pick tonight, it will be a huge victory.

Speaking of Fantilli, he made a special decision for tonight's lottery, and it speaks volumes about him.

People who really know him describe him as a young man who is extremely mature, focused, and professional.

Here's an anecdote that clearly demonstrates this:

«When the NHL Draft Lottery takes place tonight, Adam Fantilli will be sleeping in his hotel in Budapest.

And the consensus #2 pick won't be setting an alarm to find out which team will likely draft him.

A great conversation with a very mature prospect..»

- Ian Mendes

Wow, we love it! Fantilli, who is currently in Budapest, will sleep like a baby tonight as his NHL future unfolds.

While there will be a huge development in his life, he'll have no trouble finding sleep, and he'll simply wake up tomorrow morning to learn (barring a huge surprise) which team will draft him and in which city he will live for the next few years of his life.

It says a lot about the young man, and we love it.

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Adam Fantilli has made a particular decision for tonight, and it says a lot about him

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