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Sportsnet Completely Disrespects The Leafs With Latest Stanley Cup Odds

Published March 12, 2024 at 8:39 PM

With the NHL trade deadline having come and gone the playoffs are the next item on the hockey calendar. With this in mind Sportsnet released their Stanley Cup favorites and the list completely disrespects the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sportsnet Releases New Stanley Cup Odds Putting Leafs Fans In Their Place

The graphic put together by Sportsnet was supposed to indicate the 10 teams with the best odds to win the Stanley Cup. Sportsnet also added a category for the teams whose odds went up the most due to the trade deadline. In both cases, the Toronto Maple Leafs were not even listed.

Here's a look at how the Stanley Cup odds are shaping up post-trade deadline.

These rankings were taken note of by Toronto Maple Leafs fans. In the replies to the post on X, the fans made sure that Sportsnet knew they were not happy.

Maple Leafs Fans Sound Off On Sportsnet For Disrespecting The Maple Leafs

The replies to this post on X were mostly filled with fans discussing what teams are too high and too low. One common theme was Toronto Maple Leafs fans complaining about their beloved team being too low.

Where's Toronto

The Leafs are Stanley Cup favorites too. Why aren't the Leafs on that list?

One fan made sure to clap back at the Leafs fans who complained endlessly.

Leafs and Canuck fans in the comments salty as hell haha

The Maple Leafs have had arguably one of their worst regular seasons in a while and still have not shown an ability to get the job done in the playoffs. This begs the question why do Maple Leafs fans insist their team should be a favorite?

As Read On - Hockey Patrol - Sportsnet's Latest Stanley Cup Odds are a Complete Disrespect for the Maple Leafs
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Sportsnet Completely Disrespects The Leafs With Latest Stanley Cup Odds

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