Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ryan Reaves down on the ice after a hit from St. Louis Blues forward Nathan Walker
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MUST-WATCH: Ryan Reaves Destroyed by 5-Foot-9 Winger

Published February 13, 2024 at 9:06 PM

Ryan Reaves tried to rock the boat this week with his comments on Morgan Rielly's suspension. His words, pledging to make hockey 'Violent Again', has now screwed him over.

Ryan Reaves Absolutely Destroyed By 5'9" Forward Nathan Walker

Ryan Reaves seems to be more active in interviews than actually on the ice, which was highlighted this week by his consistent pushing against Morgan Rielly's suspension, and calling out Ottawa Senators forward Ridly Greig for 'Breaking the Hockey Code'.

In tonight's game against the St. Louis Blues, Reaves met his match... 5'9" forward Nathan Walker.

That's 5'9 Nathan Walker knocking down Ryan Reaves, a day after Reaves said «Make hockey violent again». #stlblues #LeafsForever

It is nice to see Reaves get what he deserves. Making hockey violent again may be fun if we get to see Reaves get embarrassed on the ice... when he's in the lineup.

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MUST-WATCH: Ryan Reaves Destroyed by 5-Foot-9 Winger

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