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«Lack of class»: Auston Matthews shuts a journalist up

Published April 7, 2024 at 10:27

In an interview yesterday after the game, Auston Matthews made quite a statement to the crowd at the Bell Centre and to the fans of the Montreal Canadiens.

He has just gained the respect of many.

As you know, Matthews was booed by the Bell Centre crowd yesterday, and this was severely denounced by several journalists and Toronto fans.

Many people on social media talked about a "serious lack of respect" from Habs fans towards a star player.

One journalist in particular, whom we will not name, was harsh towards Montreal fans.

Matthews doesn't agree with him at all!

The Maple Leafs forward gets the idea!

He perfectly understands why he was booed and he almost sees it as an honor. Hats off!

Auston Matthews on being booed in Montreal tonight:

"Honestly, I kind of find it like a tone of respect, I guess, especially in a building like this and a big time hockey city and fan base. So, I don't mind (smile). I don't mind at all."

- Via journalist Mark Masters

Wow! Matthews seemed almost privileged to have been booed by the fans at the Bell Centre.

This greatly contrasts with those who denounced the "lack of class" of Canadiens fans.

Kudos to Auston Matthews! He got it all figured out!

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«Lack of class»: Auston Matthews shuts a journalist up

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