Radko Gudas Reveals Why He Did Not Want To Play For Toronto

Published August 2, 2023 at 9:06

We now know the reason why Radko Gudas did not want to play in Toronto.

Gudas Reveals Why He Avoided Toronto

It is no secret that Radko Gudas is a playoff-style player. A player with more career penalty minutes than games played always tends to thrive in the playoff spotlight.

During the Florida Panthers' cup finals run, they went through some formidable opponents including the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes. However, Gudas noticed that the media was the loudest when he played against Toronto.

Gudas recently revealed why he did not sign with the Maple Leafs despite them offering him a contract.

In an interview with @DenikSport, Radko Gudas said that he received offers from CGY & EDM & TOR. But he didn't want to play in Canada, especially in Toronto. He said the media pressure in the playoffs was crazy. He felt it even though he only played for Florida & not Toronto.


Media Pressure

It is obvious that playing for any Canadian market will bring the brightest lights and the loudest media members. At 33 years old, Gudas has played exclusively for American teams and would like to continue to do so.

By signing a 3-year contract in Anaheim, he proved to everybody that he would rather play outside of the spotlight with a smaller market than be competitive on the 2nd biggest stage possible.

Could this be another example of the Toronto media screwing the Leafs over?

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Radko Gudas Reveals Why He Did Not Want To Play For Toronto

Did the Toronto media screw the Leafs?

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