BREAKING: Nylander's Contract Demands Could Lead to His Imminent Departure from Toronto

Published July 3, 2023 at 4:59 PM

William Nylander's High Self-Esteem

Priding himself as one of the top players currently, William Nylander anticipates a new contract reflecting his perceived value.

An Outstanding Season for Nylander

Right off the heels of a standout season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, William Nylander managed an impressive tally of 40 goals and 87 points total, surpassing even Auston Matthews in scoring, though Matthews admittedly experienced a less-than-stellar season. This extraordinary performance, however, doesn't downplay Nylander's prowess on the ice.


Contract Talks: An Insider's Perspective

After his triumphant season, Nylander has approached the Toronto Maple Leafs with a frankly insane and hefty contract demand. Chris Johnston, an insider in the NHL, has provided details on these negotiation specifics.

Nylander believes he should be a $10 million player or just a little above that on his next contract, whereas the Leafs have come at him with a number in the $8 million range.

Nylander's Aspirations Vs. NHL Reality

At present, only a select group of 15 NHL players earn $10 million or more, with three of them being Leafs players. Those at the lower end of this salary bracket include names like Aleksander Barkov and Jack Eichel.


Moreover, Nylander's aspirations outstrip some of the salaries of NHL's established legends who earn less than $10 million, notable players like Nikita Kucherov, Alex Ovechkin, and Matthew Tkachuk.

Consequences of Nylander's High Demands

Given their current financial constraints, namely being $8 million over the in-season salary cap, the Leafs may find themselves unable to meet Nylander's high contract demands. If Nylander remains steadfast in his negotiation position, there's a high likelihood that he'll be donning new team colors next season.

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BREAKING: Nylander's Contract Demands Could Lead to His Imminent Departure from Toronto

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