Andrei Vasilevskiy Makes an Equipment Change to Bypass an NHL Rule

Published September 22, 2023 at 5:56 PM

Do you recall the "controversy" surrounding the equipment of goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy, especially following the main article photo with Carey Price?

Well, today, Vasilevskiy's gear is again in the spotlight.

Goaltending experts have noticed that the masked man of the Lightning has made a cunning change to his equipment that gives him a slight competitive edge and sidesteps NHL regulations.

In fact, a photo featuring Vasilevskiy has been analyzed by several hockey equipment specialists.

He now wears entirely black Bauer skates (blade holders, boots, shells, and blades are 100% black).

What difference does it make?

See the insightful explanation from an NHL rules expert:

"It will potentially be more challenging to see the puck over the line if it's along or under his skate. There's no rule on the color... the only requirement is that the stick knob must be white tape." - Scouting The Ref

It can genuinely confuse video replay cameras, especially when the video quality is questionable.

The NHL thought to legislate against stick knobs, but not skates (yet).

As Mark Suciu (HF) points out, having black blade holders might allow Vasilevskiy to get a few calls in his favor.

It could make a real difference, according to some officials consulted.

Stay tuned! Will it become a trend?

Credit: HABSolumentFan
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Andrei Vasilevskiy Makes an Equipment Change to Bypass an NHL Rule

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