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Worrying statement involving Samuel Montembeault and it's stirring up

Published March 30, 2024 at 3:44 PM

With Jake Allen now traded to the Devils, it would be logical to think that Samuel Montembeault is number one and Cayden Primeau, number two.

Montembeault as the number one goalie and Primeau as the backup? Not so fast.

Columnist and host Tony Marinaro, however, does not seem to share this view.

Indeed, on the airwaves of TVA Sports, Marinaro discussed with Jean-Charles Lajoie the goalie hierarchy for the Habs. According to him, there could still be a battle within the organization for the number 1 goalie role.

"Everyone knows that Sam is the Canadiens' goalie. Everyone knows that. But Martin St-Louis, since last year, it's not something he often says, that Sam is his number 1. We've never heard him say it."

"I get the feeling that for Martin, Montembeault is not the number 1 goalie like [Nick] Suzuki can be the number 1 center. The biggest battle for me next season, it might be in the goal." - Tony Marinaro

We must admit, Primeau has been impressive since Jake Allen's departure. He has won three of his four starts, including one with a shutout. (and practically a shutout in the last game)

For his part, Montembeault's performances since the departure of the veteran goalie have been more marginal, even if he has been solid, especially in his last start.

Is it too early to talk about a struggle? Probably yes.

Without taking away his number 1 role, who always faces the good teams, his recent performances, without being disappointing or worrying, can raise questions.

This will be a case to follow for the end of the season and as soon as the next training camp opens.

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Worrying statement involving Samuel Montembeault and it's stirring up

Who is the real number 1 goalie for the Canadiens?

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